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Cellphone Repair Adhesive

If your cellphone, tablet or any electronic components broken, this category adhesive are your best choices, they all can do great job, the main difference are the colour and other performances of them

Cellphone Repair Adhesives

We have differet adhesives for cellphone repair purpose, include T6000, T7000, T8000, T9000, T9000S, ZHANLIDA T, ZHANLIDA S, ZHANLIDA E, they are all made for repair jobs purpose, the main differences are their colours and performances.
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DIY / Daily Purpose Adhesive

If you are looking for DIY adhesives or for daily purpose usages like toys, diamond, decoration, flower, cloth, shell, jewelry, crafts, glass, plastic, leather, wood, metal products, handicrafts, ornaments, sticky drills and much more purposes, please select from this category.

DIY / Daily Purpose Adhesive

We have B6000, B7000, E6000, E7000, E8000 and more adhesives for DIY and daily purpose .
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