Cellphone Repair Adhesive

If your cellphone, tablet or any electronic components broken, this category adhesive are your best choices, they all can do great job, the main difference are the colour and other performances of them

How to choose right cellphone repair adhesive i need?

High Temperature Resistant Glue

T6000 is clear color adhesive and can withstand a higher temperature than any other glue.

Black Colour Normal Glue

T7000 is adhesive with black colour and it can do repair job done perfect.

Clear Colour Normal Glue

T8000 is clear transparent adhesive, this is the main difference with T7000.

Clear Colour Acrylic Friendly Glue

T9000 is adhesive with clear colour and the main difference with T8000 is that this adhesive is friendly to Acrylic materials.

Black Colour Acrylic Friendly Glue

T9000S is clear color adhesive its main difference with T9000 is that this adhesive is black colour.

Ivory Colour Glue

ZHANLIDA S is adhesive with ivory colour, if your repair job requires such colour adhesive please choose this.

Black Colour Updated Glue

ZHANLIDA T is also black adhesive, this is updated adhesive and combined the advantage of T7000 and T9000S made its durability better.

Clear Colour Updated Glue

ZHANLIDA E is clear adhesive, this is updated adhesive and combined the advantage of B6000, E8000, T8000 and T9000 made its durability better.