50ML Jiaoshuilao Silicone Rubber Glue Electronic Components Waterproof Soft Insulation anti-electric Adhesive Black / Transparent

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  • Product description:
    Product name: soft
    slow-drying glue for silica gel.
    Product appearance: J
    transparent, Q black thick liquid.
    Product ingredients:
    silicone, accelerator, plasticizer, etc.
    Solid content: 30%.
    Product scope of application:
    plastic bonding, metal rubber, silicone and other small pieces.
    Product features: ultra-low
    odor adhesion strong aging resistance, adhesive silica gel does not need to be

    Operation instruction.
    1. Clean the surface of the
    adhered object before use to remove the dust, oil and rust on the surface. When
    bonding to metal, it is best to rough it first. When bonding to PE, PP and
    other plastics, the surface should be activated first.
    2. Open the front cover of
    the glue bottle and gently buckle the tip with your fingers so that there is no
    residual liquid.
    3. Drop a small drop of this
    glue on the surface of the glued object, bond it immediately and keep it until
    it hardens. Of course, the bonding area should not be too large.
    4. Wipe the glue bottle clean
    after use, close the lid and store it in a cool, dry place or refrigerated.
    Security matters.

    This product adheres quickly
    to prevent skin and clothing from sticking during operation. This product has weak
    tear gas, be careful not to splash into the eyes, and pay attention to
    ventilation when using.
    1. The vapor of the adhesive
    will irritate the eyes, so you should be very careful when using it.
    2. Avoid contact with the
    skin and enter the eyes. In case of an accident, wash immediately with a large
    amount of water and send it to the hospital. Dilute sodium bicarbonate solution
    can be used when cleaning the eyes.
    3. When touching hands, wash
    hands with soapy water, detergent or pumice.
    One-component silica gel
    special strong quick-drying adhesive is characterized by fast curing, high
    bonding strength, no strict treatment on the surface of the adhesive, no need
    to use accelerator, and the treatment agent is used together. It has good
    adhesion to metal, plastic, silicone rubber and other materials, and the
    bonding strength is greater than that of silicone products.

    Typical uses:
    It is especially suitable for
    self-adhesion, mutual adhesion or bonding seal with other materials of silica
    gel products.

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