Shipping Methods

Regarding where we can ship to:

  • By 4PX (the country we can ship to are Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Canada, Czech Republic, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Poland, Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Romania, Luxembourg, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Slovakia, Austria, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, Russia, United States, Mexico, Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, Colombia)
  • By SUNYOU (this method have limits of each parcel 100ML adhesive, so we ship only for trial order)
  • By DHL / UPS / Fedex / EMS / Aramex can ship to most of the countries, but this is much more expensive.
  • By Sea can ship to most of the countries, this is most common we use for customers and the cheapest method, but this needs shipping weight more than 20kg.

Regarding shipping time:

  • By 4PX will take 21-30 days. (As there is a base cost for shipping, so the more you buy the cheaper it will be.)
  • By SUNYOU will take 45-60 days. (And there is no tracking info for this method)
  • By DHL / UPS / Fedex will take 5-7 days to arrive.
  • By EMS will take 21-25 days.
  • By Sea will take 35-45 days.

Regarding Shipping Cost Compare:

  • DHL / UPS / EMS / Fedex > 4PX >SUNYOU> By Sea

Regarding Shipping Cost:

  • It will display when you confirm how many you need and where to ship to and you could choose.


  • if you want a trial order, 4PX is your best choice which is cheap method and with tracking information, if there is no 4PX, we will use SUNYOU express, which is cheap as well, but no tracking information.
  • if your country not listed in where 4PX or SUNYOU can ship to, then you could buy samples from your local market, and then ship big orders via sea to save much cost.